1. Each member of the club will receive a registered card (not apply to students attending the mandatory sports classes). A member is obligated to show this card upon entering the club. Staff may also require proof of identity in order to correctly identify a member of the club.
  2. In case of loss or damage to the card, every member is required to report to room D25 to block the card and issue a duplicate.
  3. Card members may be students, alumni, or employees of Kozminski University.
  4. Lending or any other form of transmission by a club member to another club member of a third party is prohibited.
  5. Members of the club may during the operational hours of the club may use the gym, locker room or attend sports classes, depending on which type of membership the member has.
  6. Classes at the club will be held according to the schedule that is on the website: During the summer months (July – September) the club is closed.
  7. There are four types of passes: "annual pass" entitling the purchaser to use the services of the Club throughout the academic year. "Semester ticket" entitling the purchaser to use the services of the club for one semester of the academic year, "a monthly pass to the gym," entitling the purchaser to use only the gym in the calendar month in which the ticket was purchased, „one entry” entitling the purchaser to single entry in chosen classes or gym. Changes in the scope and types of passes can be made by the Club at any time and they do not need to change the rules and regulations.
  8. The price of membership does not include insurance against accidents.
  9. Fees are paid at different periods. Settlement periods include: one calendar month, semester of the academic year or one full academic year.
  10. Each member should bring their valuables with them when attending the sports class. The club is not liable for lost or stolen items.
  11. The club has the right to temporarily shut down the club in order to carry out maintenance work, repairs or for other critical issues.
  12. Club members are provided with free guidance of instructors.
  13. Club members are required to use the premises, facilities and equipment belonging to the club in a manner that is consistent with their proper use. The Club member is financially responsible for any damage to the premises, facilities or equipment belonging to the club.
  14. Club members understand that they need to comply with fire regulations and regulations regarding the premises, facilities and equipment belonging to the club, in particular to instructions given by the instructors.
  15. Club members agree to respect and preserve the cleanliness and adhere to the generally accepted standards of behavior when using the services provided by the club.
  16. Alcohol consumption, smoking or taking any illegal substances is strictly prohibited in the club.
  17. Club members are required to wear special rubber-soled non slip shoes in the shower.
  18. Club members are required to wear proper footwear, tailored to the type of activity they participate in.
  19. The staff of the club do not have medical degrees. If you have any concerns about fitness or your ability to perform physical exercise, prior to performing any physical activity, you should seek medical advice.
  20. It is forbidden to use the services of the Club by Club members who are under the influence of alcohol, measures affecting the blood circulation and cell metabolism, beta-blockers or sedatives.
  21. In case of a violation of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations the Club has the right to deprive a member of membership rights.
  22. Inappropriate behavior to a member of the club, in particular non-compliance with the instructions of coaches, or indecent behavior and behavior that risks the health and safety of the participant, or other participants in the course can be used as a basis for removal from the class.